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Active Alps Trip

Active Alps

Tour Code: DTAAMA19
Vacation Type: Detour
Duration: 7 Days
Countries: Austria, Germany

from USD 1169

Like keeping active when you travel? This Alpine adventure was designed just for you. Staying at the oh-so-social Contiki Haus Schöneck, nestled in the Austrian Tyrol, this trip takes you through some of Europe's most breathtaking scenery. You’ll hike, bike and picnic your way across the alps – and with swim-stops, home-cooked meals and plenty of laughs, this trip is sure to get your heart racing in more ways than one.

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Active New Zealand Trip

Active New Zealand

Tour Code: NAVAD23
Vacation Type: Active
Duration: 9 Days
Country: New Zealand

from USD 1553

This trip sees you exploring magical valleys, gigantic glaciers and truly lovely lakes. You also get a 4-day stint in Queenstown – the adventure capital of the world. With plenty of hiking, biking and skydiving to channel your energy into, enough views to clog up your camera reel and a generous helping of authentic food stops, this is adventure done right.

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Amazing Spain and Portugal Guided Tour

Amazing Spain & Portugal - Small Group, Summer

Tour Code: SE300ZM19
Vacation Type: Regional
Duration: 9 Days
Countries: Spain, Portugal

from USD 3575

From walking the cobblestone streets of a former Roman colony to tasting a decadent 'Pastel de Nata' tart made from a 200-year-old secret recipe, this 9-day guided tour allows you to embrace the best of old-world Spain and Portugal. Listen as metal sizzles in a master artisan’s hands as he teaches you the craft of Damascene. In Granada, wander the fragrant and arabesque gardens of the Alhambra Palace. Learn the art of flamenco dancing, stomping your feet to the sounds of an acoustic guitar, in a private lesson with professionals in Seville. Then, cross the Portuguese border to scale a 16th-century fortress in Lisbon and visit Fátima, Portugal's most holy site. Finally, raise a glass and say ¡salud! to these ancient wonders during a celebration feast in Madrid.

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Amsterdam for Christmas Trip

Amsterdam for Christmas | 2024-2025

Tour Code: WAXMA19
Vacation Type: Short Trips & Festivals
Duration: 4 Days
Countries: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

from USD 653

Canals lit by fairy-lights and a sparkly town square are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This is just the start of Christmas in Amsterdam. Make tracks out of London and enjoy the festivities and winter wonderland that is a traditional European Christmas.

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Amsterdam for Easter Trip

Amsterdam for Easter | 2024

Tour Code: CTTEA19
Vacation Type: Short Trips & Festivals
Duration: 4 Days
Countries: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

from USD 582

Spring time in Amsterdam is already a banquet of dreams, with endless rows of tulips leading to traditional windmills, locals riding bicycles along pretty canals, and the city abuzz with the approach of Summer. But we're making it even better. Think cheese tastings, modelling a traditional clog, a locally guided Dutch bike ride through the streets of Edam and even visiting the famous Keukenhof for a view of the vibrant tulips. And you have yourself a very splendid Easter in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam For New Year Trip

Amsterdam for New Year | 2024-2025

Tour Code: WANYA19
Vacation Type: Short Trips & Festivals
Duration: 4 Days
Countries: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

from USD 824

If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Amsterdam is the city that never forgets to throw a good New Year's. With 4 days on your side you'll uncover the hidden clubs, find the best cafes and have plenty of time to enjoy the endless cuteness of the city in between festivities. Did we mention free drinks?

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Amsterdam for King's Day Trip

Amsterdam King's Day | 2024

Tour Code: CCKDA19
Vacation Type: Short Trips & Festivals
Duration: 4 Days
Countries: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

from USD 468

Amsterdam King's Day is the biggest street party in Amsterdam. That's right, the city already known worldwide for its nod to good times is also the host of an open-air extravaganza of DJ's, live music, markets and parties. If there's a better way to spend 4 days exploring the pretty streets and canals of The Netherlands' capital, we wanna hear about it.

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Amsterdam to Berlin by Train Winter Trip

Amsterdam to Berlin by Train

Tour Code: WANTMWA18
Vacation Type:
Duration: 5 Days
Countries: Germany, Netherlands

from USD 932

Want to hit up two of Europe's coolest cities without flying? Join this scenic train trip starting in Amsterdam and making your way to Berlin by rail. With 2 nights each in both cities, there's plenty of time for canal cruises, street food extravaganzas, dining in the homes of locals, taking in the Berlin Wall and the city's iconic street art & still having free time to fill up on coffee, craft beer, poffertjes & schnitzels.

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Amsterdam to Budapest by Train Winter Trip

Amsterdam to Budapest by Train

Tour Code: WABTMWA18
Vacation Type:
Duration: 11 Days
Countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary

from USD 2004

Starting in quirky Amsterdam for street food feasting & canal boat cruising, you'll glide through some of Europe's coolest cities by rail from Berlin to Budapest, stopping off at bohemian Prague and opulent Vienna along the way. With time for a guided tour of Berlin hosted by refugees, a traditional Czech dinner in a converted wine cellar, schnitzels & thrill rides at one of the world's oldest theme parks in Vienna and a soak in the famous Széchenyi thermal baths in Budapest, you'll uncover an authentic side to these cities that will steal your heart.

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Andean Crossing Trip

Andean Crossing, Inca Trail Trek (From Mar 2024)

Tour Code: ANTK19
Vacation Type:
Duration: 13 Days
Countries: Peru, Bolivia

from USD 3973

This 13 day quest will take you from a lodge nestled in the Amazon rainforest through to The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu, before an unforgettable adventure across Bolivia and it's mind bending Salt Flats. Get ready for some out-of-this-world nature, local experiences, some of the world's most iconic sights, and of course a whole bunch of new friends to share it all with.

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