South America : Ecuador, Peru and Chile

from USD 6,450 per person Cruise Only

The variety of experiences you’ll have on this cruise is astonishing. Experience the stark beauty of the Atacama Desert—the driest place on Earth—and hop in a Zodiac boat to seek out bottlenose dolphins and marine otters. Roam the “White City” and see the famous Sarita mummy. Explore an Incan archeological site on the ground and opt to see the famed Nazca Lines from above.
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Unspoiled Pacific Islands Expedition : Apia to Honiara

from USD 15,850 per person Cruise Only

This 18-day exploration of South Pacific islands introduces you to several different definitions of paradise. Soak in the beauty of lush Butaritari. Admire the colors of a thousand-year-old reef in Kosrae. Swim in the pristine waters of the Solomon Islands. From seeing endangered wildlife to experiencing Polynesian culture, this is a journey you won’t soon forget.
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Untouched Alaska: Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, Canada

from USD 8,950 per person Cruise only

Oh, the things you’ll see in Alaska. There is the wildlife--brown bears, bald eagles, sea lions and the largest concentration of orcas in the world. The landscapes are sure to leave you in awe, from fjords to glaciers to mountains and evergreen forests. Your experience on this cruise will bring you all of this, as well as a glimpse of gold-rush era history and First Nation traditions.
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USA and Canada Exploration

from USD 5,550 per person cruise only

The east coast of the United States and Canada offer a striking variety of cultural and historical and riches to go along with their natural beauty. Cruise along the Saguenay River. Trace the roots of the American Revolution in Boston, and gaze upon the marvelous mansions of Newport. Quebec City offers a thoroughly cosmopolitan feel while Halifax teems with Nova Scotia charm.
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