Africa & Indian Ocean Cruise: Mahe to Cape Town

from USD 6,795 per person cruise only

From the perfect beaches of Mahé to the energy of Cape Town, a fusion of multiculturalism awaits on this cruise. Days at sea and nights in port fuse with rare species in Madagascar, picturesque beauty in Dzaoudzi, and New Year on the high seas.
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Alaska, Russian Far East & Japan

from USD 12,950 per person Cruise Only

On this 17-day journey, immerse yourself in Russia’s rugged and enigmatic Far East. Enjoy spectacular birding opportunities and keep an eye out for brown bears, wolves and Siberian musk among other creatures. Follow in the footsteps of explorer Vitus Bering, admiring landscapes that once awed intrepid souls like him: rocky shores, snow-capped volcanoes and tundra teeming with wildflowers.
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Caribbean Expedition: Bridgetown, Barbados to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

from USD 2,750 per person Cruise only

This part of the world revels in its no-worries way of life, and it’s easy to fall in love with it while you’re here. Feel the sea breezes in the open-air cafes and stroll through galleries in a thriving artistic community. From St. Lucia to St. Bart’s, explore the islands in any number of ways, whether it is a rainforest trek, a snorkeling excursion or simply interacting with friendly locals.
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Discover East Asia : Tokyo, Japan to Hong Kong

from USD 7,750 per person Cruise only

There is a thrilling dichotomy to east Asia: an embrace of the old and the new, the urban and the pastoral. On this cruise, experience it all: the “Garden City” and the “Forbidden City”, the Great Wall and Gyeonglu, the “museum without walls”. From the peacefulness of Zen temples to the poignant history of Hiroshima, experience the enigmatic culture of South Korea, Japan and China.
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Lisbon, Portugal to Barcelona, Spain

from USD 3,750 per person Cruise only

Feel the history and undeniable energy of the Iberian Peninsula. Witness the Roman ruins of Cartagena. Gaze up at the massive Rock of Gibraltar. In Valencia, learn the art of making paella while sipping some of the region’s superb vintages. You’ll also discover Barcelona, from the Gothic Quarter to Gaudi’s unorthodox and unforgettable architecture.
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Pacific Islands: Honiara / Guadacanal to Port Vila

from USD 4,275 per person cruise only

With over 1,000 islands in the Solomon Sea, discover a hypnotic taste of some of the sights, dances and traditions of lesser-known Melanesia. Watch the sunrise over Mbike Island, swim in the clear waters of Vanuatu, stand on the crater of active Mt. Tavivur. Warm local hospitality and thought-provoking cultures complete this wonderful trip.
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South America : Ecuador, Peru and Chile

from USD 6,450 per person Cruise Only

The variety of experiences you’ll have on this cruise is astonishing. Experience the stark beauty of the Atacama Desert—the driest place on Earth—and hop in a Zodiac boat to seek out bottlenose dolphins and marine otters. Roam the “White City” and see the famous Sarita mummy. Explore an Incan archeological site on the ground and opt to see the famed Nazca Lines from above.
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South America: Colon to Guayaquil

from USD 4,350 per person cruise only

Panama, Ecuador and Colombia each offer their own delights on this trip. Traverse the legendary Panama Canal and roam the Darien Jungle, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Scan your surroundings for wildlife—such as spider monkeys and jaguars—as you explore Utria National Park. Enjoy the rainforests, reefs and local cultures on this foray into Central and South America.
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Unspoiled Pacific Islands Expedition : Apia to Honiara

from USD 15,850 per person Cruise Only

This 18-day exploration of South Pacific islands introduces you to several different definitions of paradise. Soak in the beauty of lush Butaritari. Admire the colors of a thousand-year-old reef in Kosrae. Swim in the pristine waters of the Solomon Islands. From seeing endangered wildlife to experiencing Polynesian culture, this is a journey you won’t soon forget.
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Untouched Alaska: Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, Canada

from USD 8,950 per person Cruise only

Oh, the things you’ll see in Alaska. There is the wildlife--brown bears, bald eagles, sea lions and the largest concentration of orcas in the world. The landscapes are sure to leave you in awe, from fjords to glaciers to mountains and evergreen forests. Your experience on this cruise will bring you all of this, as well as a glimpse of gold-rush era history and First Nation traditions.
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