Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Explorer

7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour starts at USD 2,191 per person

Brave this journey to the Baltics! Portals to the distant past are scattered throughout the charming sister cities of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. From the city to the sea and everything in between, this trip delivers the beauty of the region’s many medieval architectural masterpieces that is matched with the natural majesty of its reflective lakes, dense pine forests, and picturesque seaside.

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Czech Republic: Highlights of Prague

5 Days / 4 Nights

Tour starts at USD 1,825 per person

The 1989 Velvet Revolution freed the Czechs from communism, giving the rest of the world access to this magnificently well-preserved medieval city. Today's Prague is treasure trove of Classical and Baroque architecture, a quirky, beer-loving city that was once home to the likes of Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Mozart and Albert Einstein. Discover its fairy-tale architecture, superb food & drink, classical music scene and incredible art in this tour.

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Europe: British Isles Escapade

13 Days / 12 Nights

Tour starts at USD 6,617 per person

Explore the majestic British Isles! Starting in London, explore the world renowned city sights on a guided day tour, then set out to the scenic surrounds including Warwick Castle, the Cotswolds, and Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Continue to Edinburgh in Scotland, where your dreams of castles, whisky, tartan, highlands, and Lochs can come true. Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan feel of the city, soaking in its history as you stroll along the city street. Continue to Ireland and experience the mythical beauty and heritage of the Emerald Isle. Admire the country from the metropolis of Dublin to the more relaxed city of Galway, and the stunning coastal scenery of Connemara and the Burren.

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Europe: Budapest, Vienna, and Prague Explorer

7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour starts at USD 3,087 per person

Experience Europe! Find yourself in Budapest and discover the historic castle district (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the impressive view looking out from the towers of Fishermen’s Bastion. Once in Vienna, visit the impressive showrooms of Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace – the former summer residence of the Habsburg family – and the magnificent buildings that line the Ringstrasse including the State Opera House, Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History Museum. En route to Prague, visit the scenic Czesky Krumlov with its old town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Roam the courtyards of the world’s oldest ancient castle in Prague, marvel at the soaring towers of St. Vitus Cathedral, and watch as the setting sun casts long shadows over the labyrinth of the Old Town’s ancient alleyways.

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Europe: Coasts of Croatia and Montenegro

8 Days / 7 Nights

Tour starts at USD 3,829 per person

Perched on the edge of the Adriatic and backed by stunning limestone mountains, Montenegro and Croatia are among the underrated stunning places in Europe. Begin your enchanting journey in the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik then discover the delights of seaside Kotor, Podgorica’s Roman ruins, the carved monastery of Ostrog, and much more.

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Europe: Iceland and Greenland Explorer

7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour starts at USD 5,590 per person

Forged by fire and ice, the rugged domains of Iceland and Greenland feel more fiction than fact — moonscapes crowned with jagged volcanoes; sprawling glaciers that reshape the land an inch at a time; baby-blue lagoons that soothe the muscles; and a dazzling array of geysers and waterfalls spread across acres of stunning landscape.

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Georgia: Golden Charms and History

9 Days / 8 Nights

Tour starts at USD 2,934 per person

From the vineyards of Kakheti, to the peaks of the South Caucasus mountains, Georgia truly is a destination with it all. Visit golden age monasteries, riverside cathedrals, and ancient stops along the silk route in this country packed full of UNESCO sites.

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Greece: The Majestic Beauty of Greek Islands

7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour starts at USD 2,695 per person

Being a thriving hub of politics, philosophy, science, and art, Greece was the center of the world for a time. Sheltered by mountains and blessed with a coastline open to a glittering sea speckled with hundreds of islands, the gods couldn’t have picked a greater location for their kingdom on Earth. The ancient archaeological sites of Athens showcase a grand culture while the whitewashed hillside towns, azure waters, and stunning beaches of Mykonos and Santorini captures the eye with their beauty.

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Ireland: Dublin and Galway Expedition

7 Days / 6 Nights

Tour starts at USD 3,430 per person

Experience the mythical beauty and heritage of the Emerald Isle in luxury. From the metropolis of Dublin to the more relaxed city of Galway and the stunning area of Connemara and the Burren, this tour will surely allow you to experience Ireland at its best!

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Italy: Rome, Florence, and Venice Explorer

8 Days / 7 Nights

Tour starts at USD 4,080 per person

Fall in love with this country that seductively blends culture, history and art. Channel ancient Roman Emperors on a private guided walking tour in the Eternal City and discover iconic landmarks like the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and The Colosseum. Just a short train ride through picturesque olive groves and rustic vineyards is Florence, one of Italy’s most alluring cities. Get insider access to the city’s fantastic art galleries and experience Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring “David” before venturing out into the luscious Tuscan countryside. Tour magnificent medieval towns, sip fine Chianti wines in serene vineyards, and stroll along cypress-lined country lanes.

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