Why Should You Travel?

1. Nothing beats seeing things for yourself "Seeing new places, new faces, hearing new sounds, wakes me up, makes me feel alive, makes me realize how quickly we forget that there's a great big world out there waiting to be explored, that there's more than our own small space, that beyond the blue horizon lie excitement, freshness, discovery, new people, new languages, new cultures - the unknown." - Lauren Bacall
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Achieve those #TravelGoals this 2016!

New Year's resolutions are so passe, and half the time we don't really get around to doing them anyway! So this 2016, it's all about #TravelGoals. Now if you love to travel like us you might have an endless list of destinations to want to visit. Don't be overwhelmed and let us help you slowly cross them out.
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7 Reasons Why it Pays To Book a Travel Agent

Just going online, you are exposed to a countless number of travel products and services that sifting through all that information can be time consuming and tiring. That is why travel agents and travel agencies are making a comeback.
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5 Ways to Conquer the Travel Tour Expo Like a Boss

The Travel Tour Expo (TTE) is one of the best places to go to help you tick off all those boxes in your travel bucket list. This year, the TTE is happening on February 5 - 7 at the SMX complex in Mall of Asia. If our last article convinced you to give TTE a shot, here are 5 tips to conquer the TTE like a boss.
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