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Japan: Iconic Landmarks

5 Days / 4 Nights

Tour starts at USD 880 per person

Explore the lively city of Tokyo while enjoying its well-known and mouthwatering delicacies. After exploring the metro, this tour will surely gratify your pleasure on wandering at Mt. Fuji and Hakone.

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Japan: Osaka and Kyoto Highlights

5 Days / 4 Nights

Tour starts at USD 869 per person

Come along and visit Japan’s center of cuisine and explore its notable sites with a side-trip at Kyoto.

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Japan: Scenic Osaka

4 Days / 3 Nights

Tour starts USD 669 per person

Enjoy Osaka - experience its exuberant nightlife, visit its astounding corners and let this tour satisfy you!

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Japan: Tokyo and Osaka Theme Park Treat

6 Days / 5 Nights

Tour starts at USD 1,129 per person

Experience the magic, meet Disney’s fancy characters at Tokyo Disneyland, or explore the surprising and glamorous DisneySea. From a magical world to a fascinating theme park of Universal Studios, enjoy the feel of Hollywood, New York and San Francisco.

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New Zealand: North Island Road Trip

8 Days / 7 Nights

Tour starts at USD 1,700 per person

Boasting some of the most varied and rugged landscapes on Earth, New Zealand has long been a source of adventure. In addition, its eclectic Polynesian and European heritage makes it a remarkable center of culture and history.

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Palawan Adventure and Luxury

3 Days / 2 Nights

Start your new year in a luxurious way and indulge that moment in a romantic - nature setting. Take the time to reminisce your journey and celebrate life in grandeur in a tropical resort. And cap your vacation with a visit to the one of the World Seven Wonders of Nature.

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South Africa: Cape and Kruger Safari

7 Days / 6 Nights

from USD 2114 per person land arrangement only

Enjoy a front row seat as the sunrise casts a golden hue across the endless savanna while the wild local residents begin their daily parade. Elephants, lions, leopards, zebras and cheetahs are just some of the animals you’ll spy on safaris of the Kruger National Park as you came face-to-fang with the wild heart of South Africa.

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Taiwan: Taipei Easy-Go

3 Days / 2 Nights

Tour starts at USD 212 per person

Indulge yourself in one of Asia's booming country, Taiwan. Explore its city and learn more about its rich history while having the chance to visit Taiwan's National Palace Museum.

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Taiwan: The Enchanting Blend

8 Days / 7 Nights

Tour starts at USD 791 per person

Delve deeper into the magnificent country of Taiwan! With its rich history, diversity of cultural influence, and remarkably preserved natural and ancient traditions, you'll be surprised with what Taiwan has to offer. Explore central and southern Taiwan and discover the beautiful countryside scenery. It's something that no traveler can afford to miss.

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Taiwan: Urban and Countryside Faces

4 Days / 3 Nights

Tour starts at USD 378 per person

Indulge yourself in an all-around adventure to heritage-rich capital of Taipei. Explore the city and learn more about its history. Continue your adventure at Taroko Gorge and savor the countryside scenery renowned for its rock formations and marbles.

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