Say Hi to Shanghai with
China Eastern Airlines

Airfare starts at
USD 80 per person
Manila - Shanghai - Manila
Time to check Shanghai off your bucketlist! China Eastern Airlines is ready to help you start your adventure!

August Smartsaver by Cathay Pacific

Airfare starts at USD 153 per person
Manila - Hong Kong - Manila

Express Korea Deal by Asiana Airlines

Airfare starts at USD 272 per person
Manila - Seoul - Manila

Eva Air's Exclusive Fare Deals

Airfare starts at USD 313 per person
Manila - Tokyo - Manila via Taipei

USA Flash Sale by Asiana Airlines

Airfare starts at USD 523 per person
Manila - Los Angeles - Manila via Seoul

Eva Air's Travel Deals to
US & Canada

Airfare starts at
USD 773 per person
Manila - San Francisco - Manila via Taipei
Get a taste of the American dream with the sweet deal from Eva Air!

Wonderful Korea Tour (Gangwon-do & Seoul)

Package starts at
USD 888 per person
Go on a Wonderful Korea tour and satisfy all your winter wonderland fantasies!

Korea Autumn Splendor Tour
(Busan - Gyeongbuk - Seoul)

Package starts at
USD 948 per person
Set your expectations high as the leaves fall on this autumn adventure!

Singapore: 2017 Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1®

Home of Formula 1® Night Racing
15-17 Sep 2017
Fulfill your need for speed and join the thrill in the 2017 Grand Prix Formula 1.